Features & Benefits

Many Great Features & Benefits

Studioware on many Devices

Every Device

Studioware has been optimized to work on all devices. It works on your large desktop computer, laptops, on Apple iPads or Android tablets, and it will work on your iPhone, Android Smart Phone, or Windows Phone.

Easy To Use and Rapid Implementation

No Software to Install or Data to Backup. This state-of-the-art software stores all your information on a secure Web server. Your data is secure and encrypted with Studioware.

Provide better Customer Service

Offer online registration, enrollment, and payments. Email your students, families, and payees professional invoices that can be paid online. Keep your classes full and your accounts receivable up to date!

Student, Staff, and Family Management

Manage your students, staff, families, phone numbers, emails, addresses, billing information, invoices, and account balances. Studioware also lets you easily send emails to all students, active students, or students in specific classes.

Class Management

Manage all your classes, instructors, enrollment, waiting list, and attendance. Easily correspond with all students/families in classes. Allow you customers to enroll in classes directly from the business portal.

Full Accounting

Studioware automatically calculates tuition charges, discounts, and taxes for your classes. Studioware also contains full accounting functionality, so you can keep track of your accounts receivable and accounts payable.

Class and Tuition Options

There are many options when defining classes in Studioware, including, Group Classes (scheduled class with multiple students), Private Classes (scheduled class with a single student), and Drop-In Classes (scheduled class where any students can attend any class date).

Tuition Options

Studioware offers many different options when defining class tuition, include, Fixed Amount Tuition, Per-Class Tuition, Staff Tuition Rate, Student Rate, Class Count/Hours Rate, and Customized Dates Tuition. Multiple Tuition Items for a class are also allowed.


Create invoices for your students/families. Track the status of each invoice, and outstanding invoices. Allow you customers to pay the invoices online.

Student Tagging

Studioware allows you to create tags and assign them to students. You can then search for Students by tags, assign tuition by tags, and calculate discounts based on tags.


Gain better insight into the financial performance of your business with the Studioware reports. Export your student data at any time.

15-Day Free Trial

Try Studioware for Free Today for 15-Days. You can evaluate Studioware to ensure it will meet your business needs.

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